Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Benevolent Universe

Of late, I had been more convinced than ever that nothing is easy and the universe is against us. (Objectively, it is, thanks to the second law of thermodynamics. But I speak in a more poetic vein.) But now with spring and all that, I'm thinking maybe not so much after all.

I went out to fire up the log splitter today, which hasn't operated since it was buried by snow on January 10. The gasoline is of even greater vintage. But much to my surprise, it fired right up and purred like a kitten. Yesterday, with the help of my brother, I got some large and jagged pieces of furniture up the stairs without gouging the drywall. I also dropped off my change of address at the post office and got my place in Boston ready for an open house today, which I am happy to say is happening 100 miles away from me.

After I've heard nothing but coyotes and owls for four months, other birds are now starting to join the chorus. The passive solar thing, with the help of the March sun and daily high temperatures in the 40s, is working beautifully. As I predicted, we did indeed have a hellacious mud season that at one point turned my driveway to quicksand, but it's dried up nicely and now I just have a lovely burbling brook keeping to its rightful place and flowing under the driveway through a culvert.

All is peaceful here, though really terrible things are happening elsewhere. It's a big planet.


  1. you aren't supposed to be there for an open house. best to hear second-hand how wonderful your place is. or the alternative. [which as to the latter, trust me, cannot be as vivid as the remarks we made seeing the house we used to rent, a few months ago while it was in a foreclosure sale.]

    glad you have gotten all moved into the new place, and that no wall damage occurred! also, that things are working after winter.

  2. We are not being smiled upon by the benevolent universe at the moment. Storm after storm is pummeling our small neck of the woods. The promise of spring seems as distant as it has ever been. I am glad to know there is a place on the planet where things happen that cause reflective joy!

  3. You get snow today?

    And congratulations on "the passive solar thing." The only nuclear reactor I put my faith in!

  4. Just a wet inch -- it's gone now. But we are in a a bit of a cooler trend, may get a few inches tomorrow night. Actually March is the cruelest month.