Sunday, November 25, 2012

Seasonal rituals

We knew we were spoiled last winter. There's a possibility of snow in the forecast for Tuesday -- no telling yet whether it's enough to plow here, but no sense taking a chance. I mulched the garlic bed and then I removed the loader and mower deck from my tractor and installed the snowplow.

That is always a huge pain in the gozongas. It gets a little easier each year as I learn the little tricks but the parts never line up right and the hydraulic fittings don't want to snap into place so there's always jockeying around and banging with a hammer and prying and wrestling with big heavy parts. Cuss words are essential. The reverse operation in spring is even harder.

Oh yeah, today was the first really cold day, it's cloudy and just feels bleak. Well alright, happens every year. Somehow you always hope it won't this time . . .

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  1. Ah winter. It seems to come out of nowhere, right after blue-sky days and temps in the 60s. The clouds roll in and the cold front arrives. Brrr...