Saturday, April 13, 2013

Yep, it's finally here

Last weekend my friend and I picked up a truckload of horseshit, spread it on the garden, tilled it in, and planted three pounds of onion sets. Also planted raspberries. Today, there are just a few onion shoots showing, and buds are swelling on three or four of the raspberries. I'm going to sow a third of a row of lettuce later today and maybe plant peas. Meanwhile the tender crops will get started in the greenhouse.

Buds are swelling on the fruit trees, the briars in the woods are already green, and I'm giving it a week before we start to see the beech trees come alive. I never quite trust it, somehow, but it comes.

I need to make sure I find the energy this year to make the most of spring and summer. I have to do it in two places, maybe three, for two or three people. -- the possible third being my mother, but she may be okay without too much intervention from me. We'll see. Anyway, I'm psyched to make a little bit of the world better for people I care about. It's a great blessing to have that opportunity.

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