Thursday, December 9, 2010

Quote of the Day

What is urgently needed is knowledge and a practical ethic based on a time scale longer than we are accustomed to apply. An ideal ethic is a set of rules invented to address problems so complex or stretching so far into the future as to place their solution beyond ordinary discourse. Environmental problems are innately ethical. They require vision simultaneously into the short and long reaches of time. What is good for individuals and societies at this moment might easily sour ten years hence, and what seems ideal over the next several decades could ruin future generations. To choose what is best for both the near and distant futures is a hard task, often seemingly contradictory and requiring knowledge and ethical codes which for the most part are still unwritten.

E.O. Wilson, The Diversity of Life. 1992. (And yes, he was fully cognizant of global warming, among other problems, at that time.)

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  1. We could get a good head start by looking at some "primitive" cultures that have ethical codes that respect other life forms.