Monday, December 13, 2010

This might surprise you . . .

but I've had to get used to not having any TV while I'm out here in the woods. Yep, I've grown accustomed to it as a means of destroying unwanted hours of consciousness. It turns out the service I ordered can't get an installer out here before January 7, so I'm forced to find a new way of living.

The result is I'm reading a lot of weird stuff. Brian Martin's The Bias of Science (which I may discuss at Stayin' Alive); War and Peace -- really! Never read it before. So far it's boring; The Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems -- the original, by Galileo, and holy shit was that guy ever ahead of his time; and Human Knowledge, by Bertrand Russell, which is interesting because by now, we know more than he did. But it's surprising what we did know in the 1940s.

I will become an insufferable bore. And I won't have anything to say about last night's Celtic's game. Is this a good thing?


  1. Definitely good not to hear about last night's Celtics game. For one thing, they pronounce "celtic" incorrectly. For another, my coworkers blab endlessly about sports, so it's nice to get away from it when I'm at home.

    I think you'll find the reading more fulfilling and more memorable in the long run, eh?

  2. Are you posting this on dial-up or high speed? If you have high speed out there, you have a good amount of TV land at your fingertips. But your reading list sounds much more interesting than 99% of what is on TV.

  3. I have a 3G wireless connection, it's not quite fast enough for video. I consider that fortunate because this forced abstinence is good for me.

  4. In general a good thing, but on my rural homestead I can now pickup five public television channels on an antennae... very nice.