Sunday, December 13, 2015

Indian Summer

The unusually mild autumn is happening in most of the country -- the scientists are saying something about el niño, maybe they're right. While I could say we deserve it after the past hellish winter I'm still hoping we get some deep cold in January because without it, pests from the south will continue to invade.

That said, it's been a great luxury. My parsley, believe it or not, is still growing. We've had some hard freezes, but it turns out parsley can take it, as long as the afternoons warm up. I even have  a bit of fresh mint that came back after the freeze. And my garlic is looking like it's May already. Of course it will have to go to sleep again soon.

I have not only conserved firewood -- even went out of town twice without even having to turn on any heat, came back to a moderately cool house that warmed right up once I fired up the stove. I build a fire when I get home from work, then just let it burn out overnight and wait till the next evening to start another. No problem. I also picked up some stuff from an old pile of my neighbors that he neglected. It's a few years old and it's over the hill, but the main problem is just that it's wet. I've gotten it shedded and with this weather, it's drying out nicely and I'll be able to use it right away.

On top of that the ground isn't frozen so I'm still working on landscaping. It's all supposed to come to and end in about a week with some real winter cold -- as if they know. I'm selfish enough to wish it wouldn't, on one level, but on another I know it's for the best. 

What it will be like here in December 10 years from now, however, I do wonder about.

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